Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Credibility and Strategic Planning in PR

According to a Keller Fay study of US internet users, moms are more likely than other adults to share brand messages through word of mouth, mainly due to the credibility of this traditional, age-old medium. This is a truth that marketers and PR pros have a hard time accepting, especially in the realm of Twitter, Facebook and other tech-savvy social networks. After all, word of mouth is harder to fuel and more difficult to measure than other media outlets, even if it is a more trusted and credible source.

So how then, shall we build credibility fueling the message not only with new social media outlets, but also with traditional word of mouth? The start of building this credibility can first and foremost start through creating an overall strategy based on messages that clearly and precisely spell out what the client does and how they can help the audience and build trust, instead of solely focusing on the outlet itself. The answer may seem simple, but is often forgotten during overall strategic planning for the year ahead.

So whether you’re building a brand, concept or hoping to gain coverage for your B2B or consumer-focused client through social networks and media outlets in 2011, remember that the overall strategic message is the basis of credibility, and word of mouth combined with media (social or traditional) coverage is an unbeatable combination for building awareness.

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This post was contributed by Lauren Venegas.