Tuesday, December 29, 2015


We're hiring! CPC is seeking an Account Executive and Account Coordinator to join our team. For more information regarding the open positions, see below:

C. Pharr & Company is looking for a talented and energetic Account Executive to join its Dallas team in an Uptown location. Ideal candidates will have solid media relations, social media and client management experience, as well as strong verbal, interpersonal and written communication skills. They will also have an interest in working with business-to-business clients and be self-starters with the ability to confidently interact with media, clients and account teams. Send cover letter, resume and writing samples to info@pharrpr.com.

·         Support Senior Account Executives (SAE) and other senior leadership in fulfilling client PR programs
  • Actively contribute to account plan development and develop new, strategic ideas for clients
  • Develop written materials, including press releases, byline articles, speeches, client correspondence
  • Learn clients’ businesses and business goals, gain understanding of their competitive environments
  • Participate in client and new business presentations
  • Maintain regular client contact, proactively devising new ways to meet client strategic needs
  • Assist SAEs with implementation of press conferences/briefings, media events and tours, etc.
  • Leverage existing media/editorial/journalistic/media contacts; readily develop new relationships
  • Conduct social media activities as part of client programs; continuously learning new methods and technologies
  • Assist SAEs with project management for marketing materials, such as websites, brochures, newsletters, award submissions, videos, etc.
  • Maintain careful attention to detail, ensuring accuracy of materials, contacts, schedules, etc.
  • Promote teamwork by teaching junior staff and interns, delegating as possible
  • Work with SAEs to manage Account Coordinator as part of client team
  • Create and assist SAEs with overseeing reports, managing budgets and providing other account and financial management
  • Develop an understanding of various research methods; coordinate internal and external resources in implementing research projects
  • Actively participate in ongoing professional development, learning new skills and expanding personal capabilities
Job Requirements:
  • Minimum B.A/B.S. in public relations, journalism, marketing or related field.
  • Two to three years experience in public relations; agency experience required
  • Aptitude to learn quickly and thrive in fast-paced environment
  • Demonstrated writing ability in AP style
  • Successful track record of working with traditional and social media
  • Professional and media references
C. Pharr & Company Offers:
  • A positive, professional and collegial environment for work and career development
  • Competitive salary
  • Flexibility, team building volunteer opportunities, 4 pm Fridays, professional development
*Send resume to info@pharrpr.com, learn more about us at www.pharrpr.com or check us out on LinkedIn or Google+


C. Pharr & Company is looking for an entry-level Account Coordinator to join its Dallas team in an Uptown location. The ideal candidate will have had one or more PR agency internships, a beginning understanding of research, media relations, social media and account reporting responsibilities. Ideal candidates must also be highly motivated and able to meet deadlines while multi-tasking. This position requires strong written and verbal communication skills and the ability to interact with clients, media and account teams. Send cover letter, resume and writing samples to info@pharrpr.com.
·         Support Account Executives (AE) and Senior Account Executives (SAE) in fulfilling client PR programs
·         Learn clients’ businesses and their competitive environments 
·         Demonstrate ability to draft full range of written materials under AE’s supervision – such as press releases, media alerts, social media content, client correspondence and reports
·         Assist AEs and SAEs with social media activities as part of client programs; continuously learning new methods and technologies
·         Assist with implementation of events
·         Fully participate as part of team working together to create results
·         Create budget status reports and review job status reports
·         Research and develop editorial calendars and media lists, and keep them current
·         Develop an understanding of various research methods; conduct internal and external resources as directed and write reports of findings
·         Assist in developing proposals and gathering information for new business opportunities
·         Assist with management and overall direction for C. Pharr intern

Minimum Qualifications:
·         Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, public relations, English, marketing or a related field. 
·         One or more internships in PR agency or similar position in a non-agency setting.
·         Demonstrated writing ability in AP style
·         Professional references

C. Pharr & Company Offers:
·         A positive, professional and collegial environment for work and career development
·         Competitive salary
·         Flexibility, team building volunteer opportunities, 4 pm Fridays, professional development

Send resume to info@pharrpr.com, learn more about us at www.pharrpr.com or check us out on LinkedIn or Google+



Monday, December 28, 2015

C. Pharr Celebrates 2015

C. Pharr had a wonderful 2015 and we hope you did too! We want to thank all of our clients and colleagues for their trust and partnership this year - we understand that our success is dependent upon their continued support. We had a busy, fun-filled year and we look forward to what 2016 has in store! We hit numerous client milestones this year, celebrated a few "firsts" of our own as an agency and even hired a few new team members this year. We also took time out as a team to support various causes and organizations including: 

·         American Heart Association – helping build healthier lives, advocating for key health issues
·         Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Texas – Volunteer youth mentoring organization
·         C.C. Young – retirement/senior living community in East Dallas
·        Citizens Development Center – work training center for adults with disabilities
·         Habitat for Humanity – affordable home ownership for low-income families
·         On the Road Lending – fighting poverty with car loans to those in need
·         The New Room – empowering urban youth through education
·         Visiting Nurses Association – provides nursing/health services for elderly
·         Vogel Alcove – early childhood education program for homeless children
·        Woodrow Wilson High School Academy of Finance – students on business track at Woodrow

C. Pharr team celebrating 2015
Here is the C. Pharr team at our Christmas lunch, celebrating our many client successes as well as our agency and community accomplishments in 2015. We wish you great success, peace, joy and good health in 2016!

Cynthia, Leah, Kathrine, Krystal, Laura, Nikki, Katie, Debbie & our support team


Monday, December 21, 2015

“Do or do not, there is no try” – Master Yoda

Finding your ability to "do" is in the basics. 

You certainly don’t know it all; that’s the sentence I’m reminded of every single day in the public relations industry.

I was once told, “It’s never okay to say you can’t do something and simply end the sentence there. You’re allowed to say you can’t, as long as it is followed with, ”but I can learn.” This ambitious spirit can travel with you even in the humble journey it takes to climb the public relations ladder.

Here are 5 basic “must do’s” to get ahead of the curve in the PR world:

1.      Once in the professional world, never stop asking questions.
This lesson is a work in progress for me, especially with new clients. Doing your research and writing down questions or any ideas you may have is key to understanding both your strategy and your client.

2.     Get involved
Whether it’s joining a professional group like PRSA or attending online webinars, there are resources all around you to get connected and motivated. You never know the people you can meet or what you can learn from them.

3.      Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and own up
Mistakes will happen, and when they do, honesty is the best policy. Step up and recognize the mistake as another area you can grow. It’s never a failure if you persevere and find a solution.

4.      Share, share, share
Speak up when you learn something new or that can aid your client’s success. New ideas are crucial, and can set you apart in the industry. Not only will sharing allow for bouncing around the best ideas with others, but it’s a confidence boost when you can bring something new to the table.

5.      Take your time
Because we are in such a fast paced profession, it’s easy to get lost in it. Take your time to truly understand the clients and strategies around you before moving on to the next big thing. That’s where you’ll have the most success.

Yes, you can have all the jobs, internships, study abroad and university accreditations, but there is always so much more to learn and ways to grow, whether you’re a newbie or tenured pro.

Happy Holidays from all of us at C. Pharr & Company!


Friday, December 11, 2015

Social Media Strategy for Your Next Event - #CCBAleads

Yesterday was one of our biggest client events of the year, the Collin County Business Alliance (CCBA) 4th Anniversary Luncheon featuring Gen. Colin Powell. We had lots of media in attendance and secured great coverage in numerous outlets including CBS 11, Dallas Business Journal, Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Business Press and Community Impact.

In addition to traditional media relations work, we would be remiss if we didn't mention that it is also important to strategize about the "digital story telling" opportunities when thinking about event PR - empower your attendees to be "roving reporters" and content creators at your event. We utilized social media throughout the day to expand coverage beyond the "traditional" media networks in attendance. We empowered all attendees to join the conversation and live tweet/post during the day with their own newsworthy commentary, photos and quotes using #CCBAleads and/or by following the CCBA Twitter handle, @CCBATexas. We had 400+ attendees at the event and had the social chatter to match with nearly 1,200 impressions. This number is still growing as we are continuing to see lunch attendees post their luncheon commentary and pics on various social sites from Twitter and Facebook to LinkedIn and Instagram. 

To follow our up-to-the-minute social activity during the day search #CCBAleadsOr, check out the social story below that we created on Storify. Realizing the power of social media and having a strategy in place was key to the success of the digital storytelling component of our event; and, it was a great way to close out 2015. 

This post was contributed by Leah Ekmark Williams, APR, @leahcpc


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

PR Produced Great Content Before “Content Was Cool”

C. Pharr's Cynthia Pharr-Lee (middle) and Krystal Morris (far right) speaking to healthcare executives about PR strategies,techniques and case studies of effective and appropriate communication
integration with social media.

In the daily scramble to learn about the new, new digital thing, marketers sometimes overlook the powerful, but NOT new communications methods that can be invaluable contributors to an overall marketing strategy.

Specifically, I’m talking about traditional, B2B public relations and the powerful “earned content” that well executed PR programs can produce.

Long before digital marketers began to trumpet “content is everything,” effective PR campaigns have created the interesting and user-focused content that helps build brands and thought leadership. Such content can also empower marketing programs.

Today’s conversations about digital marketing stress the importance of credibility and transparency in connecting with customers. For many years, PR professionals have helped clients achieve well-placed publicity, speeches at respected conferences, and events that showcase expertise. These PR activities produce believable and impactful content that can be shared throughout a digital marketing program.

One of the strongest arguments for the power of earned content (especially publicity and speaking engagements) is that it yields de facto “third party endorsement” because the coverage isn’t bought and controlled by the subject. Rather, reporters or conference planners independently filter the information before deeming it credible and timely.  As a result, audiences have a higher degree of trust for earned content than paid advertising. Digital marketers who don’t consider “earned content” in their programs are failing to harness opportunities to connect with key audiences.

Current digital marketing practices also recommend omni-channel messaging, i.e., giving customers useful content, how and where they want it. For decades, PR professionals have been doing this by promoting strategic topics and selecting which speaker platform, event, publication and broadcast opportunities to pursue for clients. These standard planks in PR platforms have long provided a means of targeting audiences to give them content that interests them in the channel they prefer.

If anything is the “holy grail” in today’s successful digital marketing, it is the belief that “customer engagement” is the basis for measuring success. Indeed, digital consultancy Rosetta writes that “engaged customers are the best customers – they purchase 90 percent more frequently, spend 60 percent more per transaction, and deliver three times the annual value each year.”

A key strategy to achieve engagement is providing compelling information or experiences without asking for a sale. These approaches have been embraced by PR for decades. Editorial coverage of PR clients never includes call-to-action sales messages. Instead, it builds engagement by providing useful information and boosting awareness of expertise.  PR events, especially those that are cause-based or showcases of expertise, build relationships with targeted audiences through subjects of mutual interest, rather than hard-selling products.

Digital marketing strategists also recommend omni-channel communications, or consistency of messaging across all channels. If the PR team is involved in marketing strategy and aware of the marketing calendar, the credible content produced by PR can easily reflect the marketing messages used on other channels. Usually, the PR team will be responsible for coordinating executive speaking engagements, working with journalists in targeted media, planning events with key communities and helping plan and execute social media while scripting blogs, webinars and podcasts. With forethought, these activities can become integral parts of digital campaigns.

The meaty content produced by traditional PR programs and extended into social media can add real substance to digital campaigns. For example, including social share buttons/plug-ins when emailing content can drive readers to a landing page that offers interesting news articles. For speaking engagements, providing hashtags for the audience can encourage content sharing and assist in measurement.  Building tweets into presentations makes it more likely the speaker’s comments will be shared on social media…the possibilities are limitless.

In summary, there are powerful arguments for blending tried and true, traditional PR into newer digital marketing plans. Marketers who ignore opportunities to harness the power of PR’s earned content risk missing fuel which could fire up their campaigns.

This post was contributed by Cynthia Pharr-Lee, APR, Fellow PRSA. Connect with Cynthia on LinkedIn.