Thursday, March 1, 2012

Social media metrics: Stop trying to reinvent the wheel

If you’re willing to admit it, social media metrics can be a big challenge for PR professionals. Whether justifying the hours spent on Twitter or the value of a Facebook Like, calculating the return on investment for social media activities can be a complicated task.

As social media account managers, we might be making our jobs more difficult when justifying this investment to clients and executives, according to Nichole Kelly, CEO of Full Frontal ROI Consulting. During her “No Fluff Social Media Measurement” session at the recent Explore Dallas event, she explained that defining ROI for social media should utilize traditional metrics, rather than attempting to create special measurements exclusive to social media.

For advice on tracking measureable results, read my post from SmartBrief on Social Media that includes a full recap of the session.

Post contributed by Vicky Smithee, @VSmithee.

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