Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tips for Hosting a Top Notch Media Training

The best way to prepare a client for an interview, whether it be on-camera, face-to-face or over the phone, is to conduct a media training, oftentimes more than once. These meetings explain what a client should expect during an interview, give tips on do’s/don’ts, identify key messages and give the client the chance to practice responses and gain confidence before the big day. At C. Pharr we are always looking for ways to ramp up our training sessions, so today, we have put together some tips of our own for hosting an engaging, productive media training. Enjoy!

1. Timing – I like to hold media trainings in the morning when minds are fresh and ready, and I make sure the presentation isn't too long. A presentation lasting an hour or more can cause people to lose focus. Be thorough, but don’t ramble.

2. Presentation – Include images to enhance the presentation, and try not to include large amounts of text on each slide. Trainees should be listening to you and not trying to read everything on the screen. Include video examples of positive and negative interviews to show trainees what each looks like. Don’t forget to explain why the interview was good or bad.

3. Test your clients. – Practice an on-air interview by recording your client with the video application on a phone or camera. Play back the video for the client so they can see their performance as you give constructive critiques. It’s helpful for the trainee to see their mannerisms and hear their responses in order to understand what needs to be improved.

4. Identify clear cut key messages. – In a group media training, ask multiple people the same question to find similarities in their answers. This helps to identify the key points about a client’s company that should be conveyed to the audience. In a one-on-one training, ask the trainee the same questions a few times to find the similarities in each answer.

5. Make it fun. – Try not to intimidate your client. Interviews should be fun and practice makes perfect. Build your client's confidence through constructive criticism and encouragement.

6. Go-to Gadget! – There are some handy gadgets available today that can enhance a media training. One of our favorites is the iRig Mic from Apple. It plugs into your phone and drowns out unwanted background noise to clearly hear the interviewee. It’s a great tool to use when practicing with clients. 

Post contributed by Kathrine Brody


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