Friday, February 12, 2016

Trinity Christian Academy Alumna Returns to Her Roots

Our client, Trinity Christian Academy (TCA) in Addison, was recently featured on Fox 4's "Hometown Hero" segment. Megan Solis, a TCA alumna, found herself wanting to go back to TCA, and this time to teach kindergarten. Megan attended TCA from fourth grade to her graduation in 2005. Many asked Megan, “Why did you want to come back to TCA?” Her reply was that she hoped to share the same incredible education and experiences she received with a new generation of TCA students.

I had the opportunity to pitch this story and initially it was a hard sell. I began researching multiple news stations and journalists to learn the type of stories they’re interested in covering. They key was to find someone that I knew would like the story, a focused effort rather than a long shot. Through this process, I was able to share the story with a reporter at Fox 4 who was interested at first, but ultimately passed it along to another reporter at the station. This is was a huge step in the right direction, and taught me that not giving up on a pitch and building those reporter relationships are key.

TCA dedicates themselves to focusing on the needs of each grade level down to the very detail. Megan's enthusiastic energy in the classroom, attention to individual needs and a passion for teaching at her former school made her a perfect “Hometown Hero.” Parents always want their kids to have the best education, so to see a TCA alumna come full circle in her education, is assurance in TCA’s program.

As an intern, it was beneficial to be part of a story the whole way through. The experience showed how the work doesn't just end at the pitch, and that follow ups and persistence are crucial. Working with a well-known journalist on this story was an experience I’ll always remember. Not to mention the nice addition this makes to a resume! This experience showed coverage in PR is not paid for, it is earned.

Check out the full "Hometown Hero" story here!

This post was contributed by Elizabeth LaMonte, C. Pharr Intern.


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