Monday, November 23, 2009

Corgan employee shaves head in support of friend

With Thanksgiving coming up this Thursday, we thought this week's blog entry should focus on the spirit of giving. Earlier this month, our client Corgan Associates hosted an event that is definitely worth noting and shows the true spirit of giving.  Corgan employee, Karen Farmer, made an inspiring gesture for her childhood friend, Whitney Ness, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Karen decided to show her support for her friend by sacrificing her own hair, but Karen took her idea one step further and devised a way to get her firm involved in this heart-warming gesture.

Karen asked her coworkers, colleagues and clients to pledge $25 for a chance to cut off a section of her hair. Within a week, Corgan's family of employees and contacts responded with donations totaling nearly $5,000 that will help subsidize Whitney’s medical costs.  Corgan’s weekly Friday Forum was chosen as the grand finale - the first 26 donors were given the chance to cut off a portion of Karen's hair. As a fitting closing to the ceremony, Whitney cut off the final section of hair, and Corgan President David Lind, shaved off Karen's head to complete her "new do."

The event gave us a peek into the corporate culture at Corgan and is just one of many examples of Corgan rallying behind its employees and the causes they undertake. The firm's team spirit and family-like environment is a great example for all of us, especially for those companies looking for ways to boost employee morale and strengthen employee bonds. 

Below, Karen stands next to Whitney before the hair cut starts. 

For the complete story, go to the Dallas Morning News NeighborsGo site:  To check out more photos and videos from the event, visit our Flickr page: or visit Corgan's YouTube channel: