Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google Plus: the new social media frontier?

As PR pros, it’s our job to be up on the latest and greatest social networking tools – especially ones that are creating as much hype as Google+ seems to be. But what is Google+? What does it mean for the other networks that currently reign, such as Twitter and Facebook? More importantly, how can communicators, marketers and PR practitioners use it effectively?

 Google+ describes itself as a project that makes sharing on the web feel like sharing in real life. A bit vague, perhaps, but that’s just what it seems to be for now – a project.

A post from Ragan’s PR Daily notes that Google combined a variety of the technologies it has already developed over the last several years, doing a masterful job of weaving these technologies into a well-integrated network that bears some similarities to Facebook, Friendfeed and even Twitter.

Although it may be too early to see the effects Google+ is making for the social networking world, it’s not too early to draw some conclusions on the current features. The post combs through several tools such as monitoring, targeting, company presence, search engine optimization, enterprise, circles and other observations. Check out the post here. What do you think of Google+ so far?

This post was contributed by Lauren Venegas.