Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You’ve Heard it Once, You’ve Heard it One Hundred Times

Like the first sentence in this article says, being told to “clean up” your Facebook profile isn’t necessarily earth-shattering advice. Yet, so often I see a picture on someone’s profile that makes me stop and think, “Why in the world have they not de-tagged that?” Being poorly judged by future employers or clients is a common consequence of questionable photos on your profile; however, an even bigger issue may lie in what your profile tells police. The above article explains how Facebook landed a few people, even one lawyer, in some serious trouble with the law. Not everyone is lacking the common sense of some of these folks, but  the bottom line is - be discerning, be smart and do something with the advice I know you have been given.

This post was contributed by Shelby Menczer.

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