Monday, February 6, 2012

Strategy is Key to Navigating Vast Ocean of Social Media

Yes, you are reading yet another blog post on social media, but what makes this post different – and of course, worth your while – is the fact that it focuses on B2B social media. Before jumping into a social media campaign, we always tell our business-to-business clients the key to ROI and a successful campaign hinges upon one thing: strategy. Ignore the “online noise” and instead focus on your company’s strategy and harness it. Just like each client has different target audiences and industry segments, the same holds true for social media.  Different social media platforms are more beneficial for some clients than others. 

To determine what social media tool is best for your company, heed the advice our fearless agency owner, Cynthia Pharr Lee, recently imparted to an audience of healthcare financial managers during her presentation about the risks and rewards of social media. Cynthia stated, “The biggest part of a social media strategy is knowing where you are going and why. After you answer that question, determine an integrated social media strategy that makes sense for your company and stick with it. On the flip side, ignore digital strategy, and it can negatively impact your company’s success.”

I came across this article in Fast Company that further illustrates the points Cynthia made in her presentation. The author emphasizes setting a strategy for corporate tweeting, something all  B2B social media campaigns should take note of.
A strategic and disciplined approach to social media provides yet another way for B2B clients to develop thought leadership platforms and positioning in the marketplace. It can be a brand builder and a reputation enhancer.  Not being engaged in the social media conversation is no longer an option for any brand or company out there.

I’ll offer you the same advice that Cynthia gave during her presentation: Strategy is the key to making an impact on the destiny of your company in the vast ocean that is social media. Or, you can sit back and see where the waves of social media will take your company… I just hope it’s in a positive direction.

This post was contributed by Leah Ekmark.


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