Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Avoid the "Social Media Doldrums"

As PR pros, we all need to hit the reset button every now and again when it comes to social media strategy and tactics. A common concern we hear from clients is how to constantly churn out fresh content for blogs, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn pages...you get the gist. Even though our job entails coming up with a customized editorial road map to generate unique content, sometimes we can come up against "social media doldrums" as we brainstorm ways to create inspiring content that engages a client's audience and fan base.

As I was scouring the Internet for story ideas and themes to start mapping out the next quarter of social media content for one of my clients, I came across this post on Entrepreneur.com from Jane Porter
. It is a refreshing read that outlines how to use Twitter beyond the basic, mindless chatter that many of us have become accustomed to and that leads many clients to ask the question, "What's the ROI?" The five tips outlined in the article help provide some encouragement to revive our creative juices and get us back on track with resourceful yet effective ways to engage our social media audience. It's time for a social media reboot!

This post was contributed by Leah Ekmark Williams. @leahcpc


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