Friday, July 12, 2013

Top Tips for PR and Business Success

Every business wants its employees to succeed. This mindset is not only applicable to the public relations industry – it is the job of small (and large) business owners and managers to ensure employees are armed with the necessary skill sets and knowledge to help grow a business.
Nowadays, there are stories every day about the cloud, SaaS (software-as-a-service) and other technology that can improve efficiency and add to a company’s bottom line. Of course there are also stories and blog posts written on a daily basis outlining the latest social media tools and tactics that will help a business thrive. 

Yet despite the plethora of how-to articles sharing tactics for boosting productivity, business owners should “go back to the basics.” One of C. Pharr’s clients, RETC, a commercial real estate tax consulting firm, understands that mastering the basics is key to long-term success. RETC was recently featured in the Dallas Morning News business column “The Five,” with five tips on how to maximize employees’ skills. RETC’s COO, Amish Gupta imparts this advice for business owners:

Education should be consistent throughout a career. C-Suite and senior employees should use their personal knowledge from education and experience by holding quarterly (at minimum) internal training sessions to ensure employees are well rounded in business and industry practices. As an MBA with a private equity background, I have transferred this same advanced skill set to my employees and have developed a ‘course syllabus’ and hosted boot camps for employees to ensure they receive this same superior training. This is a pertinent part of our firm’s value for clients when they realize our employees have learned the same analytical acumen and methodologies as that of our top-level executives.”

Ensuring your employees are well-equipped for success adds value to your company and for your clients, no matter what industry niche you are focused on. This strategy has enabled the 26-year old Dallas-based firm to establish its reputation in the commercial real estate community on a national scale.

Read the entire column here to learn what you should be doing to train your workers for success. Who knew a PR agency could apply the same strategy for success as a commercial real estate tax firm?

This post was contributed by Leah Ekmark Williams.


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